Tuesday, March 19, 2013



I got two..........that I know of ha ha!

Two girls, aged 6 and 2 1/2.

I always knew I wanted kids but in my mind I never pictured two girls. One of each or two boys but not two girls.

All of my preconceived notions about raising kids especially girls have been wiped away. The biggest reality check is that just because they are both my girls and they are sisters does not mean that they have the same interests or likes.

In fact they are very opposite and have been since day one.

I finally swerve around to my point. I look at each of my girls in completely differently.

Thira, shows up way to early, is way to small, but absolutely slays the world.

Lucia, cruises in right on time, nice and plump, and then makes me worry about her a lot.

Did you know that mother hippos will push their baby hippos into a pile of crocodiles. These
crocodiles will move out of that baby hippos way even though they could easily kill it. They respect the hippo even the little ones. This how I feel about Thira, I feel like I could throw her into the most precarious situations and she would walk away unscathed.

Lucia, although a lot more physical than Thira is also a lot more delicate. She's quieter, not as out going and she is needier.Her development is amazing to watch though. She has grown a lot these past 6 months. A stronger, more confident child than she was a year ago. Two kids, two different paths, two different humans.

Two girls, a few years apart and worlds apart regarding who they are. Yet the bonds are incredibly strong. They will both for no reason start running circles around the house, sporadically attack each other etc. etc. yet there are moments that I consider gifts. When ever Lucia looks over at Thira and immediately begins imitating her I get such a joy watching it. Thira helping Lucia do something new. All of us playing the Wii U.

 Lucia is laying next to me, she peed through her diaper and just a few minutes ago she was babbling her way to sleep. Making a lot of noise because she wanted to stay awake and she was deliberately pestering me. I like this, an emerging personality even an annoying one is very important for her development and individuality.

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