Sunday, March 25, 2012

Not what I wanted but here we are.

 Yesterday morning at about 9:45 I felt like a million bucks at about 9:55 I was on the ground looking up at the trees wondering what the fuck just happened.

 The Saturday morning class that I lead at faber park was cancelled due to a confict of event so I headed over to the Greenbelt a bit early to get in a couple of miles before the High Rock workouts and my nutritional class started.

 I had enough time to get in a few miles so I hit a familiar path and away I went. A beautiful morning, sunny, cool, out the trails are perfect this time of year so i'm zoning in pretty quickly. Up along where the yellow and blue trails intertwine is a fun, challenging section and I know that it ends with a steep down hill and then a straight shot up to a deck with a great view overlooking the golf course.

The trail is clean, no overgrowth yet, the soil is soft but not in a negative way. There is plenty to grip into as i turn down the trail, CRUNCH, HOT FLASH as my right foot , the one I just had in a boot for a month just gives out and i went flying ass over tea kettle screaming in agony. I tumbled to the ground, grabbed my foot and stared straight up. The beautiful sky shone brightly through the tree tops and I fixated on three trees that reached higher than the others and made a type of triangle that swayed in the breeze.

  I must of looked crazed as i lay there. I was in shock that my foot that felt completely healed had just given out. I got up and looked back t where I fell, nothing not a root, or a divot, not even a leaf. My foot just gave out and that is what has me freaked out the most.

 As I walked around for a bit I decided to continue on with my run and in doing so I felt every twinge and off balance step. i looped back around and made it back to the start examined my foot. It hadn't really swollen up but the pain increased so when I got home I iced it up, put the bandage back on popped an anti inflammatory and sulked around for a bit. Late last night I decided against trying to run this morning. Although the pain is reducing and I am gaining flexibility it doesn't make sense to get out there today when there are more important events coming up starting next weekend.

 What's running through my mind is this the state of things from here on in or is this just another temporary setback. Either way right now i'm terribly frustrated.

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  1. Sorry about the setback. I, unfortunately, know how it feels! We need to keep remembering, we're running for life and we've got to let these things heal! Smart move not running today!! Ice, ice, ice (I'm off to get some now after finishing my PT exercises for the day).