Thursday, September 1, 2016

The funniest thing that happened after donating my kidney.

I cant believe that I forgot this event when I wrote up the kidney recap.

Thursday morning I get the go ahead to check out. I'm not feeling that great, mainly nauseous from the "breakfast" that they gave me but as I stated in the recap if I take anti nausea meds they wouldn't clear me to go. So I suck it up, and call Danielle and begin to gather my things.

As i'm gathering my personals a nurse comes in that I never saw before. I had 2 nurses. The night nurse, a man named Sebastian, who looked a bit like John Kilcullen, and a cute red head who i H ad stick a suppository up my bum for 2 reasons. 1, I've never done it to myself, and 2, mainly I figured we might as well get a little more intimate. This new nurse I think was the discharge nurse. Very nice either way.

Remember now,  I'm just in my robe, no undies, no nothing. Right where I want to be. As I begin to legitimately struggle to get changed she comes in to have me sign something, I have no idea what.  She sees that I am having hard time because of the surgery but mainly because i'm bloated and nauseous.

To set the stage my clothes are on the window ledge, which looks south upon the FDR drive. So there  I am hunched over amazingly in font of said window ass hanging out for all of the east side of Manhattan to see, on purpose you may ask. Yes, obviously. She sees me struggling, and without realizing it exposing my tushie and very nicely tries to help by moving me over while simultaneously trying to close the curtain which she couldn't do because of all of my stuff in the way.

So here we are, me hunched over, back in front of the window, and as she tries to spin me around to help I keep going the wrong way so the whole show is now exposed.She is now frantically trying to help me put on my underwear but for some reason its not going well my ass is still sticking out the robe, yet again in front of the window no matter how gently she tries to persuade me away I keep ending up hunched over in front of the window I keep turning around and my robe keeps riding up allowing my private to not so privately swing around in front of the window and everyone which then makes her move even faster to help me get dressed but, somehow, my robe keeps flopping around.  At this point my childish game gives me way to much joy but that only helps to further  irritate my upset tummy more but it was worth it. She finally helps me hike my undies up and give me a look like don't be embarrassed . I thank her as she leaves. I was really feeling like crap that morning so my childish excursion really helped, for a bit that is.


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