Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Assateaque wrap up.

 So once I was on the mend everything started to look up. The camper issues while still there weren't such a big deal. The weather picked up as well. Tuesday turned out to be a terrific beach day. That night the girls and I cooked outside, and had marshmallows by the fire.

 Wednesday, We needed a few things so i headed out to the store early. As I drove into town a fog rolled in to meet me. Fog is another thing that You don't usually see at Assateaque but here it is. As I drove in Danielle started texting me then my phone froze. I tried every trick I knew but it was frozen on the Samsung image. No biggie I headed to the Walmart where my cell phone plan runs through.

 While in the store I grabbed some things for breakfast and I noticed that the smallest packages of various things down there were equal to out large here and what we consider small was non existent .

 The greasy haired kid at the electronic desk gave me the bad news that my phone was fried. Buy cheap and you pay for it. Alright I thought after what happened  to me earlier this week this is no big deal.

 Driving back home is the fog it felt okay in a weird way. The fog felt comforting in a weird way. Crossing over the bridge to get to Assateaque the fog started to peel away, the sky was clearing up and it felt like whatever bad juju was around me was gone.

 The weather was nice but not terribly hot, low 80s the water temp was in the low 70s so when a wave engulfed you it made you lose your breath for a second but it also felt fantastic. Every time a wave crashed over it felt like a baptism, and every time i walked out of the ocean it felt like a rebirth.

 Lots of late nights watching the clouds move in and then the stars emerge. My last night there was a new moon so the sky was electric with stars. the mornings that I was up early I headed to the beach to witness sunrises that were humbling.

 Sunday night I wanted to sell the camper and never go there again, by Wed. night we were planning out the days for next year.

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